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No Kill Nation is a national advocacy organization dedicated to ending the systematic killing of healthy and treatable animals in our nation's shelters. No Kill Nation provides resources and support to No Kill advocates and advocacy groups, local and state governments, and private and municipal shelters nationwide that are working to implement the only model of sheltering to achieve save rates of 90% or better — the No Kill Equation. The No Kill Equation — developed by the No Kill Advocacy Center — is the only model that has been successful in creating a No Kill community. There are currently over 500 No Kill communities across the country representing roughly 400 towns and cities, with more joining the ranks every year. If every shelter in the country comprehensively implemented the ten programs and services of the No Kill Equation, we could end the killing of 3-4 million sheltered animals right now. There is a better way!

Nathan Winograd is getting ready to go on the road for a three month, 25-city national tour to show his new film, Redemption, about the No Kill revolution in America and to give a seminar (in most cities) about how you can join the revolution and help end the killing in your community and state. The film is one hour, followed by a one hour PowerPoint presentation.

In addition to the film and seminar, there is a companion book for the film which profiles the communities and activists in the film, the No Kill philosophy, the film’s transcript, what you can do, and much more. During the summer, it will be exclusively available to those who come see the film and presentation. 

For more information, including images from the film, trailer, cast & crew, the companion book, where and when it is playing, tickets, and more, check out the new website at http://bit.ly/1jENwZs

For a list of cities: http://bit.ly/1tBkTPU

For those who live in a city where it is not playing, we hope you join us in one of the cities it is. It will be worth the effort. If you cannot, keep in mind that after the summer tour and film festivals, the film and companion book will be available through Amazon. As usual, everything will be offered at cost, with no profit or mark-up of any kind, to make it affordable for everyone to attend, see, or purchase, and to help save the maximum number of lives. 

Entering a shelter should not be a death sentence. We can save them all. Please join us as part of my 2014 “No Kill is Love” tour.




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