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No Kill Nation is a national advocacy organization dedicated to ending the systematic killing of healthy and treatable animals in our nation's shelters. No Kill Nation provides resources and support to No Kill advocates and advocacy groups, local and state governments, and private and municipal shelters nationwide that are working to implement the only model of sheltering to achieve save rates of 90% or better — the No Kill Equation. The No Kill Equation — developed by the No Kill Advocacy Center — is the only model that has been successful in creating a No Kill community. There are currently over 500 No Kill communities across the country representing roughly 400 towns and cities, with more joining the ranks every year. If every shelter in the country comprehensively implemented the ten programs and services of the No Kill Equation, we could end the killing of 3-4 million sheltered animals right now. There is a better way!


The No Kill Conference is an annual event that occurs every summer in Washington, DC. Drawing well over 800 animal lovers throughout the United States and the world, this conference arms activists with the knowledge and tools they need to end the killing of animals in their own hometowns.

We are immensely proud of the impact of our conference, which has resulted in clusters of No Kill communities across the nation as animal lovers who have attended take home their know-how and get busy impacting change, particularly on the East Coast where travel to the conference is not only more convenient, but more affordable: http://www.saving90.org

To ensure that our message, our tools, and our vision for a No Kill nation reaches as many activists as possible, this year, we decided to try something different: we decided to bring our message to YOU.

Instead of one conference on the East Coast, we will be hosting events throughout the United States. Each will include a screening of the film, Redemption (www.nokill.org), followed by presentations on what you can do to save animals and end killing in your community. This nationwide “Do It Yourself” Tour seeks to empower activists to put away those checkbooks and roll up their sleeves. Everyone who attends will receive a copy of the film on DVD, a 200+ page film companion, three books, 14 step by step guides to reforming your local shelter, and our newest publication: "How To Be a Superhero For Shelter Animals."

We’re finalizing cities, dates, and locations. If you want to learnmore, stay up to date, and register, sign up for the No Kill Advocacy Center’s email listserve here: http://bit.ly/L1Z7US (emails only go out one time per month. Please note: you must click “No Kill Advocates” box to receive emails)

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